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If you work in an industry where contamination control is a critical component of your job you can not afford to take any risks. Dycem Contamination Control Mats and Flooring Systems provide a clear upgrade on the traditional sticky mats, or peel off mats, for several reasons.

Put simply the Dycem products are easier to maintain and will last a longer time compared to the traditional sticky mats. They also have a clear advantage with the size of the mats, the surface properties, microbial removal and low environmental impact.

Dycem has been proven effective for controlling contamination in a variety of industries, including; data centers, aerospace, automotive, animal research, nuclear, food processing, laboratory settings, and more.

Sam Mordecai of Precision Air Technology has over 30 years of experience in the controlled environment industry and he considers this to be the finest product he has ever represented. According to Sam he knows this is an effective product because “customers come back for more!”

For more information on Critical Contamination Control call Precision Air Technology at 919-212-1300 and speak directly with Sam.

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