Scott R. Ahrens, President
B.S. in Industrial Engineering | Tennessee Technological University
NEBB Cleanroom Performance | Certified Professional
NSF Accredited, August 1996 to 2011
Certification Experience | 1988 – Present
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | September, 2006
Harvard School of Public Health BSC Class | 1988
Training with Jim Grantham of Certek Inc.
(Mr. Grantham was on advisory committee for N510 – 1980)
Cell phone | 919-369-0345 and 713-875-3288
Fax | 801-740-3346

Scott is the founder and President of Precision Air Technology. Throughout the years he has played many roles, and still does. The majority of his time is spent discussing projects with his management team and overseeing the development and growth of the company.

Todd M. Ahrens, Vice President | HEPA Certification Technician
B.S. in Accounting | East Carolina University
NSF-accredited, November 2002 – 2012
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | September, 2007
Certification Experience | 1992 – Present
Cell phone | 919-369-8865

Todd remains active in managing HEPA Certification projects, and is the company accountant.

Sam Mordecai, Sales Manager
B.S. in Communications/Marketing | Appalachian State University
Began career in HEPA Filtration/Certification field in 1985 with Flanders Filters
Harvard School of Public Health In-Place Testing Workshop | 1986
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | September, 2003
Member, National Air Filtration Association

Sam has many years of hands-on experience in HVAC filter and HEPA filter sales. He has developed many cleanroom certification projects for Precision Air Technology, and manages air filter service/retrofit projects as well. Starting as a cleanroom certification technician gives him knowledge that is valuable to customers and the company.

Cell phone | 919-812-6846

Kevin M. Heathcock | HEPA Certification Technician, Lab Equipment Testing Project Manager
B.S. in Natural Resources | NC State University
NSF-accredited, 2002 to 2017 | OA580-03
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | 1998 & 2007
Certification Experience | 1998 – Present
USP797 (need lesser than/greater than symbols surrounding -accredited | CETA
Attended NEBB Cleanroom Technician Training Course | April, 2013

With 20 plus years’ experience as a HEPA Filter Certification Technician, Kevin has in depth expertise as a Technician/Project Manager of lab equipment testing. He specializes in the various HEPA testing requirements of universities and medical centers. Such institutions require expertise in the certification of Lab Equipment (BSC’s, clean benches, etc.), Biological Containment Labs ( BSL1-4), Containment Equipment (bag in/bag out housings), Animal Rack Certifications, Cleanroom Testing, and USP 797 (lesser than/greater than symbols) Certification Projects. Kevin’s experience also qualifies him to assist lab managers in setting up laboratory spaces with HEPA filter equipment and cleanrooms. He also manages cleanroom testing projects.

Jonathan H. Gay | Project Manager, Carbon Certification Manager  | HEPA Certification Technician, Lab Equipment Technician
NSF-accredited, November 2002 to Present | OP600-03
HEPA Certification Experience | 1999 – Present
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | 2003 – 2007
Eagleson Institute Cleanroom Certification Class | October, 2003
Harvard School of Public Health In-Place Filter Testing Workshop | August 23-27, 2004

Jonathan has been employed at Precision Air Technology for over 20 years, and has been a key player in the development of the company. He manages government HEPA/Carbon Testing Projects, Cleanroom Certification Projects, and Lab Equipment testing jobs. His many years of field experience are a valuable asset to Precision Air Technology and our customers.

Frank Rhodes | ASHRAE 110 Certification Manager | HEPA Certification Technician
NSF-accredited, October 2003 – Present | 1F640-03
Certification Experience | 1999 – Present
Eagleson Institute Advanced Certification Class | March, 2009
Harvard School of Public Health In-Place Filter Testing Workshop | August 23-27, 2004
NEBB Fume Hood Testing Program | April, 2009
USP797 (need greater than/lesser than symbols around USP)-accredited | CETA RCCP-SCF 1457
Registered CETA Cleanroom Professional | Sterile Compounding Facilities

Frank is one of Precision Air Technology’s most experienced technicians and a Project Manager. His range of expertise covers many of our testing services, such as; ASHRAE 110 testing, Sterile Compound Facilities testing, Lab Equipment testing, and Cleanroom testing. He manages all ASHRAE 110 fume hood projects and many Cleanroom and Lab Equipment Testing projects.

Charles Famiglietti | Test, Adjust and Balance Manager/Cleanroom Testing Project Manager
Certification Experience since 2009
NEBB Professional since 2011
Cell phone | 631-291-3277

Charles is a NEBB Certified Cleanroom Testing Professional and is a NEBB certified Professional for Test, Adjust, and Balance. He oversees all TAB projects and many cleanroom certification jobs as well.

Andrew Aldridge | Houston, Tx. Service Manager | Certification Technician
NSF-accredited, February 2015
Certificate Number | C0189483-01
Certification experience | 2010 – Present
Cell phone | 713-444-4340

Andrew is the Manager of our Houston, Texas certification projects. He oversees certification work at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the largest medical research centers in the United States.

Sharon PadulaCorporate Office | Morrisville, NC
Office Manager
Work phone | 919-212-1300

Sharon has been the Office Manager in Morrisville, NC for eight years. She handles customer service, billings, and quotes many service jobs and filter sales projects.

Megan Vickers
Office Administrator
Cell phone | 904-200-5536

Megan is the Office Manager in Gainesville, Florida. Her primary responsibilities are scheduling and billing jobs for our University of Florida account.