Retrofits, Installations

Original two-inch wide filter frames with Merv 8, two-inch deep pleated filter. This is a typical system for office settings. The customer needed to upgrade the filtration system to help protect their employees from COVID.

Increasing filter efficiency almost always means a higher pressure drop across the filter bank. This lessens airflow, creates cooling/heating issues in the space the HVAC unit serves, and consumes more energy. To minimize such problems, Precision Air Technology installed fabricated four-inch wide stainless-steel frames.

Finished Product: Wider frames allowed us to install a MERV 14, high capacity, four-inch deep, low resistance filter that did not adversely affect the HVAC system. Neoprene gaskets were added between each filter, on the back side of the filters, and on the side of the last filter in each row to seal against the door. This helps eliminate by-pass particulate and airflow leakage.


• Provide and Install Return Dampers, Standard and Adjustable

• Sell and/or Install Soft Wall and Rigidwall Cleanrooms

• Retrofit Cleanrooms: Installation of Fan Filter Units, Duct Work, Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles, HEPA Filters, Curtain

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