TechTrak Mats

Standard TechTrak Mat-Gown Room in a Pharmaceutical Plant

Polymeric flooring does not work on simple adhesion forces like peel off sticky mats, but instead uses the following principles:

  • Size-This material can be made to any size, allowing more footsteps or turns of a cart wheel, which is critical for removing more contamination than a small sticky mat where you get one or two steps.
  • Surface- surface is extremely smooth, allowing it to come in greater contact with any applied surface.
  • TechTrak is made with a broad spectrum, high performance silver biocide, proven to be 99% effective against microorganisms and particulate.

“TechTrak Tough” Being Installed- Warehouse To Production Area

The installation technicians’ knowledge and quality of work is extremely important to ensure a long lasting product. Precision Air Technology has used the same installation crew for the last seven years. Picture is of installation technicians laying out a mat leading from a warehouse to a controlled area. This area has heavy pallet jacks and some forklift traffic, therefore we used the TechTrak Tough material. TechTrak Tough is a unique product that has a more durable surface and extra heavy duty backing to endure heavier loads. Colors available are blue and gray speckled. Installations have a three year warranty on the product and the installation.

TechTrak Mat Installed Outside Airlock

This is an example of TechTrak not being used inside a controlled area. The mat is for removal of contamination from pallet jack wheels, which are very dirty after being used on shipping docks. After crossing the mat, the pallet jacks transport materials to another staging area before they are taken into the controlled spaces. This company also has mats at most entrances and airlocks leading into more critical controlled areas, and manufacturing processes in cleanrooms. Like many new customers, this project started with one mat, and now has over 12 areas covered, leading to a much cleaner plant, with noticeable differences in floor cleanliness before and after installation of TechTrak flooring.

Cleaning TechTrak Mats

A pharmaceutical customer cleaning a newly installed TechTrak mat.

The cleaning of TechTrak mats/flooring is extremely important. Frequency of cleaning can be decided with consultation with your sales representative. Factors concerning cleaning frequency depend on the type of contaminant, amount of contaminant mat is exposed to, number of shifts, and number of passes of foot and wheeled traffic.

The best way to clean mats is to incorporate their cleaning into your current cleaning procedures, using your chemicals and disinfectants with your mopping system. Do not use the following; bleach concentrates over 10%, abrasive cleaners, buffing or polishing equipment. Harsh chemicals like Sporklenz, LPH, and Vesphene(even at 100% concentration) are fine and used every day on this material. Most walk behind floor cleaning machines work extremely well if a soft bristle is used.

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