HEPA Filters

This image shows a standard housing and HEPA filter installed in a plaster ceiling in a pharmaceutical plant. This system is popular in the pharmaceutical industry because when filters need to be repaired or replaced, they can be removed without creating significant exposure to the plenum above (and contamination). The filter has a gel track around its perimeter, which seals into a knife edge in the housing seen above this technician’s head. Problems with gel seal HEPA filters can be reduced by the type of gel used. This HEPA filter has separator-less media, which is easier to repair than media with separators.

The image shows an ISO Class 5 cleanroom using terminal HEPA filters in a T-bar ceiling. Terminal HEPAs are an excellent option where opening up the ceiling for filter removal does not pose significant contamination problems. This type of filter provides a large quantity of supply air at a low pressure drop, and is difficult to damage because of the protective screen on the downstream side, and the metal backing on the upstream (air entering) side. Terminal HEPAs have a duct connection collar on the upstream side to connect flex duct, which ties into the supply air duct. This HEPA is popular in the medical device industry, among others.

This image shows a cleanroom under construction with room side replaceable, HEPA/blower units in a T-Bar ceiling. Units can be wired to a control box outside the cleanroom, or set up with a MODBUS program and tied into the building control system. Room side replaceable (RSR) units are available with ECM motors, ULPA filters, PAO injection ports, prefilters, gel or gasket seal HEPA filters, protective screen options, and more. RSRs are often used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor facilities, and USP 797 compounding pharmacies. They can be individually ducted to supply ducts, or placed in open plenum designs, or a combination of the two in the same cleanroom.

This image on a roof shows a standard gel seal, HEPA filter housing containing three HEPA filters and pleats as prefilters. The unit is designed for High Capacity V-Cell HEPA filters. This V-Cell is rated for 2000 CFM @ 1.0” water gage. The housing has an extraction bar to pull the filters off the knife edge when replacement is necessary. Such housings can be manufactured to accept gel seal or gasket seal filters, and are available in all welded, partially welded and caulked, standard galvanized steel or stainless steel construction. Precision Air Technology sells all types of housings and any HEPA filter you require. We stock several types of HEPA filters at our Morrisville facility. Call us to see if we have what you need.

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