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At Precision Air Technology we sell Dycem Contamination Control mats throughout the Southeast United States. These mats are proven to be effective and they remove 99.9% of air and wheel-borne contamination. Dycem mats last longer than traditional sticky mats and they are easy to maintain!

These mats can be cleaned quickly and easily with cleaning wipes. If the mat is in an area of extremely heavy traffic it is better to use Dycem to do a steam cleaning.

The cleaning wipes are specifically designed by Dycem to help remove any ingrained contamination within the mat. All you need to do is use the wipe to agitate the contaminated area and use a damp mop and a squeegee to dry it. This will remove any contamination and if the area is completely dried than the Dycem mat will be immediately available for further use.

In extreme situations of gross saturation due to high traffic it is necessary to use steam cleaning. Dycem offers this service themselves and it only available in certain countries.

For more about Dycem mats please contact Sam Mordechai at 919-812-6846.

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