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Superior Alternative to the Traditional Sticky Mats

At Precision Air Technology we offer a flooring solution that can reduce particle counts by up to 99.9%. By controlling contamination and cross contamination at the floor level it can almost eradicate threat of contamination or cross contamination throughout the critical area.

Contamination can enter your workroom by either by foot, wheel and airborne microbial particles. These particles are often dismissed as dust but they prose an overwhelming threat that can jeopardize the entire workroom.  In the pharmaceutical industry even a single microbe in a batch of aseptic drugs could ruin an entire batch.

We provide a simple, long-term solution with Dycem CleanZone Technology. An independent study conducted by GlaxoSmith Kline showed that these mats prevented over 99% of foot and wheel-born contamination from entering a critical area.

Teva, the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer, is one of the many companies throughout the world using this proven technology. Sylva Balcarkova, a Teva Shift Leader, said “We have recognized that the Dycem Zones work very well – confirmed by measurements made by the manufacturer’s representative- our powder remains in the zone and does not spread outside the production areas. I can only recommend the installation of Dycem Zones – if you adhere to the rules for cleaning them, the effect is really noticeable.”

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