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For companies in the automotive industry their product yield can be greatly affected by harmful contamination. They need to work with a product that they can trust to effectively eliminate all the contamination in a workroom. Automotive giants like Ford and Honda are now using Dycem products to control contamination at the floor level.

Gary Appelton of Ford said “Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones are great at trapping contamination and helping to clean-up various areas in the paint department, preventing contamination from affecting the paint finish.”

At Precision Air Technology our team of contamination control experts can make your workspace more efficient, effective and contamination-free. Sam Mordecai, the Director of Sales, has over 30 years of experience and he raves about how Dycem Control Mats are unparalleled in “removing air, foot and wheel-borne contamination.”

Call Precision Air Technology at 919-212- 1300 today to speak with Sam directly and learn more about the most effective contamination control solution on the market today.

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