Cleanroom Certification

Our experience gives us a rare depth of knowledge to help solve problems that arise in cleanroom testing. This ability to troubleshoot difficult situations helps our customers satisfy their regulatory requirements and keep their production, process, and employees safe. Precision Air Technology has three NEBB certified Cleanroom Performance Testing Professionals on staff. We contribute to IEST (Institute Of Environmental Sciences and Technology) by having one of our NEBB certified technicians as a voting member of the IEST specifications review committee.

There are a variety of tests for cleanrooms. The basic tests are: HEPA filter scan test (to detect leaks in filters and filter housings), airflow measurement (volume or velocity- to be certain air supply is as needed), room pressures (to make sure there is no ingress or egress of contamination), and particle counts (to determine room classification). Airflow Pattern testing (including video) and Room Recovery testing is also offered by Precision Air Technology.

It is safer and saves the customer money to have us install HEPA filters instead of having contractors or the end user install them. HEPA filters are easily damaged, and costly. If the installer is not experienced in handling such filters, this process can be a very expensive one. Because of our longevity in HEPA filter sales, we have access to the top suppliers in the industry. We also stock filters at our Morrisville, NC facility. Precision Air Technology can provide, install, and test HEPA filters on big jobs.

Microbial sampling is important in several industries. Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities do microbial sampling on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The primary market Precision Air Technology serves for microbial testing are USP 797 Compounding Pharmacies. These pharmacies are in university settings, and are also independent, privately owned compounding facilities. CETA (Controlled Environment Testing Association) certifies technicians as Cleanroom Certified Professionals For Sterile Compounding Facilities.  Precision Air Technology has three CETA certified Professionals on staff.

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