About Precision Air Technology

What Makes Us Different?

“We stand out when our customers (or prospects) have problems. Our hands-on experience gives us the ability to analyze and troubleshoot difficult situations. We pinpoint the problem, then fix it. We do this with our service business and product sales,” according to Sam Mordecai, Sales Manager at Precision Air Technology.

Our History

Precision Air Technology is a HEPA filter certification company founded in 1994. Its base of operations in Morrisville is a 6100-square-foot facility owned by the company.

At Precision Air Technology, we are proud of our long-term employees and their range of experience. Investing in their education has always been a focus. Listed below are some of the many credentials and certifications in our continuing education accomplishments:

  • Cleanroom Performance Testing Company certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)
  • NSF-accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers
  • NEBB-Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing Certified Professionals
  • CETA Cleanroom Certification Professionals For Compounding Pharmacies
  • NEBB-Certified Test Adjust and Balance Professionals, NEBB-Certified TAB Technicians