Cleanroom Certification

The pharmaceutical market is our largest business sector for testing cleanrooms, many industries use cleanrooms for research and manufacturing. Some of these are; medical device, microelectronics, USP<797, 800> Compounding Pharmacies, cleanroom garment laundries, aerospace, and injection molding facilities. We have customers in all of these market segments.

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Microbial Testing

Picture Above - A Precision Air Technology technician taking viable and nonviable samples inside a glove box. These tests determine if fungus, bacteria, or nonviable particles are present in manufacturing or research environments, a primary concern to several industries.

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Test, Adjust and Balance

“With Test, Adjust and Balance, the goal is to make sure the HVAC system meets the design airflow and pressurization criteria. We take the design into fruition.

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Containment Equipment

The term “containment” has a very specific meaning in the air filtration world. Containment refers to high-efficiency air filters, filter housings, and components that are designed to capture (contain) gases and particulates that are extremely harmful to people and the environment.

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Lab Equipment Testing

Precision Air Technology certifies more than 15,000 pieces of equipment (biological safety cabinets, clean benches, fume hoods, animal racks.) a year. We are a full-service certification company, meaning we can replace parts on the equipment we test. Filters, motors, blowers, light bulbs, switches and more.

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ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Test

Fume hoods protect laboratory technicians from harmful chemicals. The most comprehensive evaluation of fume hood performance is the ASHRAE 110 test. The mannequin (seen in picture above) mimics a lab technician, and the attached probe measures the contaminants escaping the hood under fully operational conditions. For this test, the supply and exhaust systems are set as designed, and all equipment is in place.

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HEPA Filters

Properly specifying, quoting, and providing HEPA filters requires knowledge and hands on experience. We can help you find the filter that best meets your needs.

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HVAC Air Filters

Precision Air Technology sells all types of ASHRAE filters. Choosing the correct filter for the application is very important for the protection of your air handlers, the cleanliness of your facility, and the safety of manufacturing equipment and company personnel. We can help you solve your air filtration problems and needs.

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Retrofits, Installations

Before administrative personnel returned from the COVID quarantine, our customer wanted to upgrade the filter system serving their office areas to better protect their employees against coronavirus. We inspected the existing filter system and evaluated the airflow, resistance, and reserve capacity of the air handler.

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Precision Air Technology


At Precision Air Technology, we are proud of our long-term employees. Investing in the education of our staff has always been a focus.


12 NSF-Accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers. Three NEBB Cleanroom Supervisor certified employees. Other further education courses include The Eagleson Institute and Harvard School of Public Health.


Some of Our Clients