Microbial Testing

The picture to the left is of air sampling being done in a biological safety cabinet. USP<797> requires 1000 litre samples inside ISO Class 5 environments like safety cabinets.

Microbial sampling is extremely important in many cleanrooms, pharmacies and controlled environments. Precision Air Technology has three technicians who are certified by CETA (Controlled Environment Testing Association) to perform certifications in USP<797>pharmacies. Tests offered are:

  • Surface Sampling- For Bacteria and Fungi
  • Air Sampling- Bacteria and Fungi
  • Compressed Air Sampling- Bacteria and Fungi

We work with an independent lab to read our sample plates and issue a test report with the findings. We can do sampling not only in cleanrooms and pharmacies, but anywhere such testing is needed.

For Microbial Testing, call 919-212-1300, or e-mail at info@precisionairtechnology.com