Lab Equipment Testing

We replace motors, blowers, filters, lights, sashes, and other parts. We service over 15,000 various pieces of equipment a year, in many large, well known university research medical centers and other facilities throughout the country. We have a staff of 21 certification technicians.

Lab equipment serviced by our technicians are; biological safety cabinets, clean benches, isolators, fume hoods (velocity profile and ASHRAE 110), animal racks, and in line HEPA housings.

This test simulates (ASHRAE 110) what a lab technician would be exposed to while performing tasks in a fume hood- under room conditions. The room must be fully operational, with all supply and exhaust systems set to normal operating conditions, and all equipment in place. A test gas (sulfur hexafluoride) is injected into the fume hood and the mannequin is fitted with a sample tube (see black probe above- behind mannequin’s head) connected to a gas analyzer, which records the amount of exposure. This gives the lab technicians a much more realistic picture of potential exposure than a standard face velocity and smoke test.

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