Cleanroom Certification

Scan tests are a critical component of any HEPA certification program. This test detects pinhole leaks in HEPA filters and housing frames. We can perform scan tests with an aerosol challenge, or with particle counters and ambient challenge, or polystryrene latex spheres. Other tests offered by Precision Air Technology are; airlows (CFM & velocity), airflow uniformity, room air changes, pressure differentials, particle counts, total penetration testing of HEPA housings, and a complete USP 797 compounding pharmacy certification.

At left is a Precision Air Technology technician taking particle counts in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom. Here he has two counters logging information from two locations with data being recorded in a computer. Taking counts is how cleanrooms are classified to the customer’s standard. Most often this will follow the format of ISO or EU requirements. This is usually the last step of a certification, and not done until scan testing has been performed, air balancing has been completed, and room pressures meet the specification.

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