About Precision Air Technology

Our Mission

Our primary business is the certification of HEPA filter systems in cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, in line (ducted) HEPA systems, and clean benches. Other areas of expertise include; decontaminations, fume hood certification (including ASHRAE 110) high efficiency carbon testing, and bag in bag out filter changes. Our markets of business concentration are the following industries; pharmaceutical, biomedical, university medical centers, government buildings, and laboratories.

Precision Air Technology is a diverse company. In addition to the certification services we offer, we also sell products.  We represent a complete line of ASHRAE filters and Hepa filters. We are representatives for TechTrak Contamination Control Mats in the Southeastern United States, including Alabama and Tennessee. For the certification industry, we manufacture a Laskin nozzle generator for animal racks and other small airflow capacity certification applications, and we refurbish and sell used biological safety cabinets and clean benches.

Our service territory range is primarily the eastern United States, Florida, and Texas, but we travel the entire country and internationally as well.

Our History


Precision Air Technology is a HEPA filter certification company located in Morrisville, NC, that was founded in 1994. We operate out of a 6100 square foot company owned building.

At Precision Air Technology, we are proud of our long term employees and their range of experience. We have 35 employees, and investing in their education has always been a focus. Listed below are some of our credentials and certifications in our continuing education accomplishments.

  • 13 NSF Accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers
  • 3 NEBB Certified Cleanroom Supervisor certified employees.
  • NEBB Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing Company
  • Four Registered Cleanroom Certification Professionals For Compounding Pharmacies
  • One NEBB Certified Professional Air Balancer
  • Other educational courses include The Eagleson Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, and CETA USP 797 courses and certifications.