Cleanroom Certification

Precision Air Technology certifies many cleanrooms in different industries, including pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical device, semiconductor, cleanroom garment laundries, USP 797 pharmacies, and more.

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Lab Equipment Testing

Unlike some of our competitors, Precision Air Technology is a “full service” certification company. We replace motors, blowers, filters, lights, sashes, and other parts. We service over 15,000 pieces of equipment a year.

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Microbial Testing

Microbial sampling is performed to determine if fungus or bacteria are present in manufacturing or research environments, a primary concern to several industries.

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Carbon Testing

High efficiency carbon filters used primarily in nuclear power plants are tested to make sure the filters are maintaining the required efficiency.

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Studies have shown that 80% of contamination (microbial and particulate) enters controlled areas by foot or wheel borne traffic. Using TechTrak polymeric mats/flooring to reduce such contamination is an extremely effective and practical solution.

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HEPA Filters

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) filters are the most efficient air filters offered on the market today. Many different industries use them to protect their research and manufacturing processes.

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HVAC Air Filters

Precision Air Technology sells all types of ASHRAE filters. Knowledge of these filters and the choice of filter type is very important to the protection of your air handling equipment and the cleanliness of your facility. We pride ourselves in these abilities, and our hands on experience in solving air filtration problems and needs.

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Modular Clean Rooms

We offer modular clean rooms in any size you need. We will install and make any customizations that you require. We have a large selection of colors and styles to fit your needs as well as ongoing maintenance.

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Precision Air Technology


At Precision Air Technology, we are proud of our long term employees. We have 35 employees, and investing in the education of our staff has always been a focus.


12 NSF Accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers. three NEBB Cleanroom Supervisor certified employees. Other further education courses include: The Eagleson Institute, Harvard School of Public Health.


Some of Our Clients